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Creating, Parsing and Manipulating XML Documents

XML gives developers the power to deliver structured data from a wide variety of applications to the desktop for local computation and presentation.

Reading and Manipulating RSS Feeds
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Signing Off. So Long, and Thanks for All The Good Times!

Thursday January 3, 2013
Dear delphi.about.com web site visitors, readers and friends who followed my work as the Delphi Programming Guide for the About.com network, the time has come for me to move on to new endeavours.

After 15 great years I'm leaving About.com. I've started working as the Delphi Programming Guide in 1998 (days of Delphi 3) and have continued publishing tutorials and articles geared at beginner and advanced Delphi developers.

NO, I am not leaving Delphi.

In fact, I'm spending much more time in the Delphi (Rad Studio) IDE these days - and I am hoping you are in the same position - to have your working hours filled with joy of coding in the best development environment.

One huge "Thank YOU!" to all the known and unknown Delphi developers who have followed my work here and have send hundreds of emails supporting me for the past 15 years.

The About.com Delphi Programming web site will NOT be closed, all the content will be available in the future so nothing would be lost :) After all, I have found myself many times searching for a solution to a Delphi problem I have, to finally land on my own article written years ago :)

What's more, I think About.com might start looking for a new Delphi Programming Guide, so if you think you have the passion and the knowledge, feel free and invited to apply.

That's all folks. Over and Out.

This is not my last (if it can be called like this) Delphi related blog post / article. I'll see to start a new blog in the near future and continue publishing Delphi programming related stuff. I am and will be using Delphi every day, there's always something to be implemented, some problem to be solved, some new feature to be included - any why not share the knowledge gained with others.

- Žarko Gajić, Embarcadero Delphi MVP.

Delphi Programming Almanacs: 1998. - 2012. Something for Every Delphi Developer: Beginner or a Guru!

Thursday December 27, 2012

in Delphi Almanacs :: According to Wikipedia, an almanac is an annual publication containing tabular information in a particular field or fields often arranged according to the calendar.

A Delphi Programming Almanac would then be an annual reference e-book (?) composed of articles, tutorials, tips and tricks relating to programming in Delphi.

A wannabe Delphi programmer, a Delphi beginner or a Delphi guru / expert? 15 years of Delphi programming content available for you (for free)!

1998. - 2012. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

An almanac for a year lists only articles, tips and resources that were originally published during the selected year. All materials written by Zarko Gajic, some contributed by other Delphi developers.

Reverse Engineering (Decompiling) Delphi Applications

Monday December 24, 2012
in Advanced Delphi :: Simply speaking, decompilation is the inverse of compilation: translating an executable file into a higher level language. Suppose you lose your Delphi project's source and you only have the executable file: reverse engineering (decompilation) is useful if the original sources are not available.
Hm, "sources not available", does this mean that we can decompile other people's Delphi projects? Well, yes and no..

Read the full article to learn how to Decompile a Delphi application.


Speed and Size: Top 10 Delphi Programming Tricks

Friday December 21, 2012
LANGUAGE TIPS :: In many case the Delphi compiler will take care of the optimization. But that's just limited to aligning the code for pipelines, and some other small tweaks to the code. There is still much to be gained by taking into account how a computer works, and adapting your algorithm to that.

Read the full article to learn a few useful tips to make your Delphi programs run faster.


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