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How to set system wide Hot Key for a Delphi application


An answer to the quesion: "My application is minimized in the Tray and I want to know how to code a "short-cut" key, for example Alt-Shift-F9, to bring my application to the top of the Desktop screen?"

//In the main forms OnCreate
//handler assign the hotkey:

If not RegisterHotkey
    (Handle, 1, MOD_ALT or MOD_SHIFT, VK_F9) Then
     ShowMessage('Unable to assign Alt-Shift-F9 as hotkey.') ;

//In the main forms
//OnClose event remove the handler:

   UnRegisterHotkey( Handle, 1 ) ;

//Add a handler for the
//WM_HOTKEY message to the form:

   private // form declaration
     Procedure WMHotkey( Var msg: TWMHotkey ) ;
       message WM_HOTKEY;

Procedure TForm1.WMHotkey( Var msg: TWMHotkey ) ;
     If msg.hotkey = 1 Then Begin
       If IsIconic( Application.Handle ) Then

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