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Top 10 ASP.NET Books


A selection of books on ASP.NET. This list provides focused and thorough guidance on books that cover creating Web applications using ASP.NET, including both Web Form applications and Web Services. Look inside for expert reviews.

1) Real World ASP.NET: Building a Content Management System

Building a Content Management System provides Web developers with a cost-effective way to develop a content management system within Microsoft's .NET Framework

2) Programming ASP.NET

The ASP.NET technologies are so complete and flexible, your main difficulty may lie simply in weaving the pieces together for maximum efficiency. Programming ASP.NET shows you how to do that.
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3) Moving To ASP.NET: Web Development with VB .NET

Moving to ASP.NET provides focused and thorough guidance on creating Web applications using ASP.NET, including both Web Form applications and Web Services. This book is targeted at current developers rather than novices, and assumes that readers will gain an understanding of companion technologies (such as VB .NET and ADO.NET) from other sources.

4) ASP.NET Developer's JumpStart

Demonstrates the practical applications of .NET and ASP.NET by illustrating how to build Web-based applications using Web Forms and Web Services. Emphasis will be on good programming standards and practices. The student will be taken from an introduction to intermediate topics through a step-by-step approach, which gives the opportunity to try out the practices presented in each chapter.

5) ASP.NET Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution

ASP.NET Website Programming shows you how to build an interactive website from design to deployment. Packed with solutions to website programming problems, this book will have you building well-engineered, extendable ASP.NET websites quickly and easily.
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6) ASP.NET For Dummies

Guide for web designers and HTML coders who are ready to take their web site to the next level and begin building web applications on the .NET platform. For beginning to intermediate users
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7) ASP.NET for Web Designers

Provides clear and concise, hands-on, real-world examples right from the beginning of the book. Content is presented with "hands-on" examples so the opening chapters are laying the groundwork for more advanced subjects by not only presenting the information but by writing code as well. Also covers more advanced issues in ASP.NET including data access and security issues.
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8) Fast Track ASP.NET

With its approachable and concise format, Fast Track ASP.NET will meet the needs of any experienced developer seeking to move to Web programming on the .NET platform using Microsoft's new C# programming language.
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9) ASP.NET Tips & Techniques

Tips and techniques presented here will help Web site developers use ASP.NET and related technologies. Each self-contained tip is presented in the same format, with a brief description followed by code and steps for completing the task. Most tips and techniques have an accompanying ASP.NET page that contains code that can be copied and pasted directly into an application.
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10) ASP.NET by Example

Designed to provide a "crash course" on ASP.NET and quickly help the reader start using this new technology. This book approaches ASP.NET in an easy-to-use tutorial way. By building the sample applications taught in the book, readers will learn how to create custom ASP.NET controls, how to use ADO+ objects in ASP, and how to deploy and manage applications.
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