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The Tomes of Delphi: Algorithms & Data Structures
by Bucknall, Julian

Publisher: Wordware Publishing inc.  Buy it Now!
ISBN: 1556227361
Format: Paperback, 525pp.

This is how the book starts: "Although there are numerous books on algorithms in bookstores, few of them go beyond the standard Computer Science 101 course and approach algorithms from a practical perspective....In this book, algorithms are introduced purely from a Delphi perspective, using the Object Pascal language. Delphi/Kylix standard classes, such as TList and the TStream family, are extensively used."
It's all True!

The Tomes of Delphi: Algorithms & Data Structures is aimed at intemediate to advanced level Delphi developers. The book and code is applicable to all versions of Delphi and to Kylix. Information and code introduced in earlier chapters is used extensively in later chapters; re-use of code is emphasized. The book does not delve too much into mathematics. The title assumes a working level of mathematical background and experience with Delphi development as well as object-oriented programming concepts. Beginner Delphi developers shouldn't be scared - they'll find basics of standard algorithm and data structures.

The book is divided in 12 chapters plus a reference chapter. First chapter lays some ground rules. It starts with explaining what is an algorithm, continuing with the measurement of the efficiency of algorithms with the big-Oh notation. Later chapters are focused on search algorithms — such as sequential and binary search; sort algorithms — including bubble, insertion, Shell sort, quicksort, merge sort, and heapsort—along with techniques for optimization. Additionally, the author presents hashing and hash tables, priority queues, state machines and regular expressions, and data compression techniques such as Huffman and LZ77. The CD includes the author’s freeware library EZDSL along with the code from the book.

"Julian Bucknall is an extraordinary writer, one who knows how to turn complicated concepts into beautiful simplicity" are the words from Philippe Bruno, one of the readers of this great book, I couldn't agree more. This book is proving Delphi as an excellent language to teach underlying programming principles. This is a highly optimized versions of classic algorithms and data structures: this book is NOT just pascal translations of material you learned in college. I strongly recommend that all Delphi/Kylix developers buy it.

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