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Getting Started with Delphi

So, you want to learn Delphi? This is the right place: Delphi tutorials and articles for beginners.
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Return Multiple Values From A Delphi Function
A Delphi function is a routine returning a value. A single value? Yes, No. No, a Delphi function can return multiple values and there are different ways how to achieve this goal. Either rely on VAR (by-reference) parameters or return a record, or something even more complex...

Why Delphi?
What is Delphi and how programming in Delphi can ensure your applications are run on Windows, MAC OS X and iOS (and even Android).

What Were the "Missing Tutorials" When You Started With Delphi?
Do you remember when you started programming in Delphi? Was that 10 or 2 years ago? What were the most complicated aspects of the Delphi language? What tutorials / topics were, so to say, missing?

Delphi Debugging
Even if you wrote a program in a disciplined, well-structured, careful manner, you will probably still need to debug it to find some bugs. Delphi offers great debugging tools and when you know how to use them, you will surely save a lot of time finding the exact reason of the problem. In this small tutorial I will explain some nice features in Delphi which will help you to debug your programs. Because it is better to avoid bugs, I will also give a few tips to make better programs.

The Traps of The If Then Else Statement in Delphi Code
In Delphi, the if statement is used to test for a condition and then execute sections of code based on whether that condition is True or False. Watchout for If Then Else traps if you are a beginner using nested if statements.

Cleaning your Delphi Coding Errors - How to Prevent Compile / Run Time Errors
A discussion on Delphi design, run and compile time errors and how to prevent them. Also, a look at some solutions to the most common logic errors.

What Was Your First (Not a "Hello World") Delphi Application?
After a few "hello world" applications, you would start building your fist non-trivial application. Do you remember what was the first application you created in Delphi?

Understanding Delphi SET Type
One of the Delphi language features not found in other modern languages is the notion of sets. Delphi's set type is a collection of values of the same ordinal type. Learn about Delphi sets to better understand Delphi source code.

Introduction to the Delphi Programming Glossary
An introduction to the Delphi Programming Glossary, a cross-referenced collection of Object Pascal Programming definitions.

Understand Delphi Versions and Pick your Delphi of Choice
Interested in becoming a programmer? Want to learn Delphi? Confused about various Delphi version? This article helps you understand the flavors of Delphi and helps you pick your Delphi of choice

What is Delphi?
What You Need to Know About Delphi Programming.

Delphi Programming Email Courses
Each online course is sent to you via email on a daily or weekly basis and is designed to help you learn a specific Delphi programming skill or solve a particular problem in Delphi. There are no grades or degrees, only a whole lot of free online learning.

A Beginners Guide to Delphi Programming (free online tutorials) ...
About Delphi Programming site proudly presents: free online programming courses for (beginner) Delphi developers!

Understanding and Using Record Data Types in Delphi
Learn about records, Delphi's data structure that can mix any of Delphi's built in types including any types you have created.

Understanding and Using Array data types in Delphi
The concept of arrays in Delphi is simple: arrays allow us to refer to a series of variables by the same name and to use a number (an index) to tell them apart. Arrays have both upper and lower bounds, and the elements of the array are contiguous within those bounds.

Understanding Delphi Project Files (.DPR)
Delphi organizes applications into what is called projects. A project is made up of the visual interface along with the code that activates the interface. Each project can have multiple forms, allowing us to build applications that have multiple windows. Find out about Delphi's Project File in this article!

Birth, Life and Death of a Form
Examining the life cycle of a Form - the central element of development in Delphi. See what's happening behind events OnCreate, OnActivate, OnShow, OnClose...

Understanding and Using Functions and Procedures
Have you ever found yourself writing the same code over and over to perform some common task within event handlers? Yes? It's time for you to learn about programs within a program. Let's call those mini programs subroutines.

Understanding and Using Decisions (IF And Case statemens) in Delphi Programming
If you want to control the flow of code execution depending on what the program has already done or what it has just encountered you need to use one of the two Delphi Pascal branching statements: if statements and case statements. Learn how.

Understanding and Using Loops in Delphi Programming
Loops allow you to execute a sequence of statements repeatedly, using a control condition or variable to determine when the execution stops. Delphi has three kinds of control loop: repeat statements, while statements, and for statements. Learn how to use loops in Delphi programming.

Accessing and Programming the Floppy disk in Delphi applications
Some useful routines when playing with the floppy disk and Delphi.

Understanding Typed Constants in Delphi
How to implement persistent values between function calls in Delphi programming.

Running Delphi Applications With Parameters
How to pass command-line parameters to your Delphi application and how to handle them.

A Delphi Developer Resolutions for 2006
A Borland Delphi Developer's New Year's Resolutions for 2006. To help you prepare for the whole new year, here are some ideas to help you decide on the Delphi programming related topics you might want to learn about.

Learning Delphi Online
Learning Delphi online - where to search for help, tutorials and sample code

Creating flat (non-relational) databases with no database components
Creating flat (non-relational) databases with no database components. A Beginner's Guide to Delphi Programming: Chapter 16. Delphi Personal edition does not offer database support. In this chapter, you will find out how to create your own *flat* database and store any kind of data - all without a single data aware component.

Searching for Delphi related resources on the internet
Where and how to search for Delphi and Object Pascal programming related materials on the Internet

Filename Extensions in Delphi
List of the file extensions created (and used) by Delphi and what they all mean.

Delphi for Visual Basic developers
Delphi for Visual Basic developers. It seems many VB developers are turning to Delphi these days. This article provides specific information and resources to help developers migrate their applications (knowledge and skills) from VB to Borland Delphi.

RTL reference
The raw power of Delphi is based on a considerable ammount of its Run Time Library functions and procedures. This part of Delphi Programming site provides a through example-reference to the RTL capabilities of Delphi.

Delphi 64-bit - What's In It For You
Gossip time is (almost) over. During the last few weeks, Embarcadero has started feeding us with information on the to-be-released Delphi compiler for x64 systems. If histroy can be predicted then 64-bit compiler should see the light of the day during 2011 - therefore you do not have toooo much time to prepare for compiling for x64 systems.

Large Integer Sets In Delphi
If you ever needed to do set type operations like union, intersection or difference on a collection of integer values containing more than 256 elements, you would not be able to use the standard set data type. Here’s one approach you can use to have sets of up to 65536 integer elements. The code implements sets as integer arrays and exposes...

Using TDictionary - Hash Tables in Delphi
Introduced in Delphi 2009, the TDictionary class, defined in Generics.Collections unit, represents a generic hash table type collection of key-value pairs. In Delphi, the TDictionary is defined as a hash table. Hash tables represents a collection of key-and-value pairs that are organized based on the hash code of the key. Hash tables are...

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