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Fundamentals of Database Development
Page 1: Delphi as the database programming tool.
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Many Delphi beginners start with projects like "My Notepad" when beginning programming with Delphi, other developers spend nights and days in writing various multimedia and graphics applications, but all of them will sooner or later realize that 90% of today's software interacts with some data stored in some way.

There's no doubt about it, Delphi has powerful and reliable data-management capabilities. Application developers building the next generation of business software are attracted to Delphi for several reasons. With Delphi we can create software that operates with just about all types of desktop databases like Paradox, dBase or MS Access. We can also use Delphi to build solutions for client-server development.

  Data Access with Delphi...just a few words
Delphi ships with more than 40 prebuilt database components and provides a visual programming environment that includes an integrated code editor, Database Form wizard that speeds up steps to create a browsable data form and Data Module Designer that can be used to share data access among multiple forms. Several other database specialized tools are also provided with Delphi to help us code faster and easier.

The Data Access page of the Components Palette provides components used to connect to a data source. In the Data Controls page, data aware components are ones that (after Delphi connects to a database) can be use to retreive and send data to or from a database. The components on the ADO page use ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to access the database information through OLEDB. The components on the InterBase page access an InterBase database directly.

  Don't runaway
Database programming, of course, is not trivial. In this course we will try to bring closer some of the techniques, problems and solutions to database programming with Delphi along with all the secrets it hides from us.
Before we move on to using various data components/tools in Delphi we should first see some of the concepts of database design and try to build a simple database.

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