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Introducing Borland Delphi
Page 2: Where to download FREE Delphi 6 Personal
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  Downloading an installing Delphi 6 Personal

Delphi 6 Personal system requirements
·Intel Pentium 166 MHz or higher (P2 400 MHz recommended)
·Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 5 or later
·32 Mb RAM (128 Mb recommended)
·75 Mb hard disc space (compact install)
·160 Mb hard disc space (full install)
·VGA or higher resolution monitor
·Mouse or other pointing device

Note: this article describes an old version of Delphi. It is possible that this version is no longer supported!

As stated before, the Personal edition of Delphi 6 is freely downloadable from Borland site. Go to Delphi 6 Personal Edition download page, and follow the 3 steps to obtain your serial number, authorization key and then proceed to download.

First, you'll need to create a software registration account at Borland - if you already don't have one. Second, you'll be asked to answer a brief survey. And finally, you are allowed to download Delphi 6 Personal and receive your serial number and authorization key via email.

When you get to the download page click on the BorlandDelphiPersonalEdition.EXE link to start the download. Save the file BorlandDelphiPersonalEdition.EXE to your hard drive.
After downloading, run BorlandDelphiPersonalEdition.EXE to unpack the installation files.

Extracting BorlandDelphiPersonalEdition.EXE

Note: In the "Borland Delphi Personal Installer" you'll find several interesting folders. In the \Documentation folder you'll find three PDF files. Developers Guide, Quick Start and Object Pascal Language Guide. You'll be using those books frequently. In the \Info\Extras there are several great tools and components. For example, the \Info\Extras\SendKeys includes two functions that simulate popular Visual Basic routines: Sendkeys and AppActivate.

To install Delphi 6 Personal, after you have unpacked the installation files, run INSTALL.EXE (default location C:\Program Files\Borland Delphi Personal Installer) and follow the installation instructions.

You are prompted to select a product to install, you only have one choice "Delphi 6":

Delphi 6 Personal Installer

While the setup runs, you'll need to enter your serial number and the authorization key (the one you got from Borland in your email box).

Delphi 6 Personal Install Screen  Registration key

Later, the License Agreement screen will popup:

Licence Agreement

Note: Here is a scrap from the
You may not use the Software for any commercial, business, governmental or institutional purpose of any kind ("Noncommercial Purposes"). Borland grants to you as an individual, a personal, nonexclusive license to install and use the Software for the sole purposes of designing, developing and running, in source and compiled form, the works which you create for your own personal Noncommercial Purposes, using the Software ("Works"), subject to the restrictions in this License Agreement. You may distribute your Works to others. You may not receive any direct or indirect compensation for the distribution or use of your Works.

After that, you have to pick the Setup Type, choose Typical. This way Delphi 6 Personal will be installed with the most common options. The next screen prompts you to choose the Destination folder.

Setup Type  Destination Folder

At the end of the installation process, the set-up program will create a sub menu in the Programs section of the Start menu, leading to the main Delphi 6 Personal program plus some additional tools.


Note: For a faster access to Delphi, create a shortcut on the Windows Desktop.

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