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So, You Want to Learn Delphi? This Is the Right Place!


Delphi is a programming language everyone can use to build Windows applications.

I like to tell beginners that programming in Delphi is a little like composing a symphony on a sampling synthesizer. You can start off not knowing anything about programming, write a program within an hour, and still not really understand anything about programming.

If you want to both learn and understand how to create Windows applications using Delphi, however, then you've come to the right place.
I'll guide you through each step.

  1. What Is Delphi Programming?
  2. Your First Delphi Application
  3. Learn From the Free Delphi Source Code Applications and Controls
  1. Delphi Language Example Reference
  2. Understanding and Using Delphi Components and Controls
  3. Understanding and Debugging Your Delphi Code

What Is Delphi Programming?

The purpose of this page is to orient newcomers and novice developers with an overview of how to start developing Windows applications using Delphi.

Your First Delphi Application

Applications Build wth Delphi - Including Full Source Code

With Delphi you can create various types of applications for Windows and the Internet. From simple desktop calculators, to home-made multimedia players or full-blown database solutions - Delphi can help you build all! This section provides an overview of application development with Delphi, including creating a simple project, writing code, compiling and running a project.

Learn From the Free Delphi Source Code Applications and Controls

Delphi Hero Challenges

Know a better way of learning than studying code? The fastest way to learn is to master the code already written "for you"! You have made some great application and want to tell the world about it. You've come to the right place! Code for fame and glory - no material prizes will be given to any contestants - all of us will code for fame and glory - pure rivalry.

Delphi Language Example Reference

The raw power of Delphi is based on a considerable amount of its Run Time Library functions and procedures. Run Time Library, or VCL routines are functions and procedure that are built into Delphi. Most of RTL function and procedures are defined in the System and SysUtils unit. Both units are automatically included in every Delphi unit.

Understanding and Using Delphi Components and Controls

Standard Delphi Controls

The Visual Component Library (VCL) is a hierarchy of classes written in Delphi and tied to the Delphi IDE — that allows you to develop applications quickly. Using Delphi's Component palette and Object Inspector, you can place VCL components on forms at design time and manipulate their properties without writing code. Many of the VCL components are nonvisual - meaning that the user never actually "see" the component at run time.

Understanding and Debugging Your Delphi Code

Breakpoints in Delphi Source Code

No matter how careful you are when writing code, your programs are likely to contain errors, or bugs, that prevent them from running the way you intended. Debugging is the process of locating and fixing errors in your programs. Delphi IDE provides debugging features, collectively referred to as the integrated debugger, that let you find and fix errors in your programs.

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