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Making Delphi Interoperate with Others

How to make Delphi and Delphi applications interoperate with applications written in different programming languages. How to convert the code from other languages to Delphi Pascal.
  1. Developing and consuming...

Delphi for Visual Basic developers
It seems many VB developers are turning to Delphi these days. This article provides specific information and resources to help developers migrate their applications (knowledge and skills) from VB to Borland Delphi.

Delphi for NET
This link features a collection of articles to help you understand the "story" behind .NET, how will (does) it impact on Delphi developers. Delphi for NET related topics include: "A quick look at Delphi future", "Top Pre-Delphi for Net Books", "Delphi for .NET Preview Samples", "Using Delphi as a script language for ASP.NET", etc.

DeLux Professional
DeLux is a program that translates Visual Basic forms and code into the nearest equivalent in Borland Delphi or Kylix.

Running Flash animations with Delphi
How to display Macromedia Flash animations (swf) inside a Delphi application. Grasp the fundamentals of integrating Macromedia Flash animations and Delphi.

Delphi with Java
How to call Java from Delphi, and vice versa. Using the Java Native Interface.

Delphi-Java Bridge
Code that makes it feasible to do mixed-language programming in Delphi (i.e. Borland Object Pascal) and Java. Currently contains JNI wrapper code to make it easier to use Delphi rather than C/C++ with the JNI (Java Native Interface.)

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