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A Beginner's Guide to Delphi for .NET

Fast Forward to Delphi for .NET


Here's a series of articles designed with one goal in mind: to provide a quick and dirty introduction to the world of .NET programming with Delphi.
If you are looking for "what you need to know about Delphi for .NET" - you're at the right place!
  1. And now for something (not so) completely different: Delphi for .NET!
    If you are familiar with Delphi (as a Win32 development RAD), but find yourself lost in this "new" .Net world, or simply put: if you feel like me and many Delphi developers that are on the crossroad and don't know which way to go (VCL Forms, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, ...) don't panic since: together (and with the help of the "Fast Forward" series) we'll learn how to choose the right direction!
  2. New language features in Delphi for .NET
    Here's what you need to know about the new Delphi language features in Delphi for .NET (versions 8+).
  3. Should you call Free in the .Net Delphi world?
    Garbage collector this, garbage collector that. Delphi developers are used to free their objects ... now the .Net GC takes care of freeing objects, the question is: when do you need/must free resources? Should you "Free" objects? Or not?
  4. VCL.NET vs. FCL
    Starting a new Windows project (Delphi for .NET)? What framework to choose, should it be VCL.NET of FCL?
  5. An Introduction to the .NET Framework Class Library
    The .NET Framework Class Library (FCL) consists of a series of classes, interfaces, and value types that can be used to program with...
  6. Delphi for .NET FCL Examples Reference
    This section of the About Delphi Programming site provides a through example-reference to the Delphi for .NET FCL capabilities. Every class is presented with a class declaration and is described in a few to-the-point words, with downloadable sample code (a console mode application). What's more, exactly the same source sample provided with MSDN are used (converted to Delphi language).
  7. Demystifying Class Helpers in Delphi for .NET
    Delphi for .NET compiler magic: splitting a large class into two files. And much more: extending without inheriting, extending sealed classes, etc.
  8. coming soon ...
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