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Ready made free Delphi applications with source and how-to projects.
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Bit Clock
A bit clock could be pictured as a series of led lights where 6 lights would be enough to represent up t0 60 states for 60 seconds in a minute. 3 rows of lights would be used for hour, minute and second. Full source code in Delphi.

Steganography with Delphi - Hide Data Inside Images
In computer terms, steganography is the "art" of hiding a message within a larger one in such a way that others cannot discern the presence or contents of the hidden message. Interested in how to code a Delphi application to hide data inside an image using cryptography - steganography? Sample application including full source code provided.

xMouse - Full source code Delphi Application: Mouse Beam
What if the mouse arrow would be positioned in the center of two crossing beams, one horizontal and one vertical - both extending to the edges of the screen? xMouse - a Delphi application to display the mouse pointer in the center of two axes, horizontal and vertical beams.

Computer Locker
What happens with your machine when you need to move away from the computer for 10 or more minutes? How secure is your data? Can someone sit on your chair while you are at a coworkers office and play with your data? Maybe you need a computer locking tool that is small and easy to use yet powerful enough to make sure your machine is locked when you need to go out for a break.

By a definition, executor is someone (or something) who executes a specific task. In software terms, executor could be an application responsible for the execution of other applications.Or, in simple words, executor executes other programs and files. Here's one written in Delphi with full source code.

Ant Colony Simulation - a Delphi Ants Colony Simulator
Ant colony simulator tries to imitate the ants life. Denys has not been guided with known biological rules for Ants behaviour, he stablished his own rules for it, and it the simulator works great.

Mac OS X Doc Launcher Simulator
The Dock is feature of the GUI of Apple's Mac OS X operating system, which is used to launch applications, and switch between running applications. "McLauncher" is a Delphi implemetation of the Doc. Full source code.

A Multipurpose Viewer and Player for Audio, Video, Text and Images
Tired of the "old" Notepad? Want to listen to the music and preview your pictures while editing a document? All in one application? UPlayer is a multipurpose viewer and player for audio, video, text and images.

Free Screen Ruler with Delphi Source
Screen RULER allows you to precisely measure anything on your computer screen. If you need to determine width and/or height of any object on your screen, Screen RULER is the tool to use. Transparency, units in pixels and millimeters and screen snapping are some of the features.

Take-A-Break Installer
Working hard? Need a break? Why not run a fake installer and "wait" until it gets finished! Or even better, create your own bogus install routine that looks like a real one - and have your computer busy. Full Delphi Source Code.

Windows Title Bar Changer
Noticed how every application in Windows has a main window (form) and how forms have title bars where you see the name of the window? Wouldn't it be fun the be able to change those captions when you do not like 'em? Full source code Delphi application.

Win Mend / Patch
A Win Mend/Patch is a window that attaches itself over another window to create a soft hook - it can overlap any window's part, hiding undesired info - like a, hm, patch. Full Delphi source code, included!

Connect 4
Connect Four is a two-player game in which the objective is to be the first to get four of one's own discs in a line. Try to be the first with four in a row! This version with source code in Delphi!

Pixelated Gravity
Gravitation is a natural phenomenon by which all objects with mass attract each other. Gravity is the force that causes two particles to pull towards each other. If smaller objects are pixels and a bigger object is your mouse pointer - when you move the mouse the pixels should follow. Wanna see how that would look coded in Delphi?

Torus Drawing
A torus, in geometry, is a surface having genus one possessing a single "hole". Torus is generated by revolving a circle in three dimensional space. Want to see how torus looks like? Want to learn how to animate it using Delphi code?

Wii Launcher
Ah the boring Windows [insert your version] shell! Looking for a fresh looking application, file, web site launcher for you? The one that looks and feels like Nintendo Wii? Here's one developed in Delphi!

Star Wars Screen Saver
Looking for your own personalized Star Wars Screen saver - maybe the one written in Delphi? Personalize your start wars screen saver: specify the text that scrolls, set the number of stars (dots, spheres, blocks), set the color of the space, set the stars speed ...

AI Neural Network
An artificial neural network, or a neural network (NN), is a computational model based on biological neural networks. It consists of an interconnected group of artificial neurons and processes information using a connectionist approach to computation. Want to see an application built in Delphi trying to produce an "AI" (artificial integigence)?

SFX Notepad
Ah that boring Notepad! If typing ascii codes could be any more fun ... I would stop using IDE to code PAS files ;^) Ha! SFX Notepad: while you typing into it you see characters flying into their place with a nice drop down effect. A Fancy Delphi application, that is!

MAC Spoof
Need to change the MAC adress of a network card? Here's a handly little tool that allows spoofing - changing the MAC address on your network card. Mac Spoof will reset the NIC when done to prevent requiring the user to reboot.

Application Launcher
Looking for an alternative to Windows Start Menu? Want to have a better control of a group of applications you want to launch-execute-start? Application Launcher provides instant access to all your applications! Easy to use and built with Delphi!

Critters Evolve!
This application is a visualization of evolution of string critters. A humorous but powerful tool for simulating evolution - with some great-to-learn-from Delphi code!

Barstool Philosopher
I'm drunk from programming in Delphi :) Here's an application that resides in the system tray. When you click it, it shows/hides the main form. The main form is a little drunk man, who generates random "drunk philosophy" using Markov chains.

Mouse Eyes
Argh! Where's my mouse? Ah look at the eyes .... there it is! ;)) Mouse Eyes is another mouse cursor follower. Mouse eyes idea is indicating which direction to look in to find your mouse cursor.

Random Colors Piano Bar
The piano is a musical instrument played by means of a keyboard that produces sound by striking steel strings with felt hammers. Imagine steel strings are color bars, imagine every color producing a different random sound .. and we have a new entry for the Fancy Delphi Application Contest.

Placing 8 Queen's on a Chess Board
In chess, a queen can move as far as she pleases, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. A chess board has 8 rows and 8 columns. The standard 8 by 8 Queen's problem asks how to place 8 queens on an ordinary chess board so that none of them can hit any other in one move. "8 Queens" is a Delphi application hosting a chess board to try for yourself and a button that will give you the possible solutions.

Help! Lost USB Toolkit
"Omnia mea mecum porto" or "All that is mine I carry with me". Is all that located on a USB stick? What if you loose it? You hope someone will return it to you? But how will they know who the stick belons to?An idea: create a simple application located on your USB, make it run as a default option when the stick is inserted. If the stick is found the application (written in Delphi) displays a message containing your address and a "please send me my stick" message.

Gee Player - MP3 Music Player
Looking for another MP3 player? Maybe the one developed in Delphi you can extend with your own ideas? Look no more - Gee Player is a full featured music player and recorder.

File Encrypt / Decrypt
Looking for an easy way to encrypt and protect your data? How about one build with Delphi including full source code? Encryption is the process of converting a file into a format that cannot be read by the applications set up to open the file. To remove the encryption you decrypt.

Drop Box
Do you find yourself constantly copying files to only a few folders? Need a tool to help you simply drag and drop files to a place configured to take the file to a predefined "named" location?

Speed Dial for Internet
The Opera browser has a feature called Speed Dial which is basically a grid of your 9 (or more) favorite web sites presented using thumbnails instead of the blank page you get when you add a new tab. How about having an application to mimic Opera's Speed Dial - and launch your favorite web sites with a single mouse click? Full Delphi source code included!

Bingo Game
Are you a passionate player? Love Bingo? Wnat to play and practice for free? Want to learn how to create a Bingo Game? Here's one written in Delphi.

Metric Converter
1 Feet is how much Centimeters or Inches? Do you know that 1 pound is 16 ounces? You certainly know that 1 GB is 1073741824 bytes ;) How many times have you found yourself trying to convert one value to other? Too many! But not any more! Metric Converter is an useful tool for any kind of conversion - full Delphi source code!

Windows Shut Down / Restart / Log Off
Do you need to restart, log off or even shut down Windows frequently? How about 3 simple shortcuts to automate the proces? Full Delphi source code included: ExitWindowsEx with privileges.

1337 Elite Slang Converter
Elite or leet or 1337 is a geek talk - online slang. 1337 is hacker speak for "leet," which is an abbreviation of "elite." This term was derived from 31337 "eleet". Would you like to learn how to be cool and know how to talk 1337? Here's a full source Delphi application to help you be more geek!

Task Manager Clone
Task Manager Clone displays information about the performance of your computer and the programs and processes that are running on your computer. Use it to view process ID, view memory information or end a process. Full Delphi source code.

Reversi (Othello) Game
The object of the game is to own more pieces than your opponent when the game is over. Each reversi piece has a black side and a white side. On your turn, you place one piece on the board with your color facing up. Full Delphi source code!

Coins (Connect 4)
Coins (Connect 4) is a two-player game (or play agains the computer) in which the objective is to be the first to get four of one's own discs in a line. Try to be the first with four in a row! This version with source code in Delphi!

File Sharer
File Sharer allows to download and upload files from computers connected to Interntet by simply typing the host IP address in a web browser. Full Delphi source code included.

Easy Desktop
EasyDesktop is a menu which hides in the top left corner of your screen, with all the files and folders you have placed on your desktop listed. Instead of switching to your desktop, just run the mouse into the top left corner and everything on the desktop can be accessed just by clicking. Full Delphi source code included.

Boggle Generator
Boggle game is played using a grid of lettered dice, in which players attempt to find words in sequences of adjacent letters. The problem to solve in this Delphi example is to generate a 5x5 Boggle table with as high a score as possible, given a certain dictionary.

Sudoku Solver
Sudoku is a logic-based number placement puzzle. A deceptively simple game of logic, Sudoku is puzzling players all over world. If you need help solving your next Sudoku puzzle - why not look for a computer generated solution - the one written using Delphi!

Morse Delphi Box
Morse code is a method of coding messages into long and short beeps, often transmitted using continuous wave. This little application written in Delphi will play morse codes as you type characters into the console-looking window.

Free (Open) Source Code Delphi Application
ASuite is an application launcher to manage an unlimited number of files, folders and webpage for quick access. It is designed to work with removable storage (uses relative paths) media like USB sticks, hard drives, iPods, etc. Open source Delphi code.

SharpE is a user-friendly desktop replacement for Windows XP/2k. Open source Delphi code. SharpDesk's powerful shell replacement makes crafting a luxurious desktop a delight

Cobian Backup
Cobian Backup is a multi-threaded program that can be used to schedule and backup your files and directories from their original location to other directories/drives in the same computer or other computer in your network. FTP backup is also supported in both directions (download and upload). Open Source Delphi Application.

Turbo Cash
TurboCASH is an open source accounting package that is free for everyone to download and distribute under the terms of the General Public Licence (GPL). It is one of the world's first fully-featured open source accounts packages for small business. Written in Delphi.

Feedreader is a freeware Windows application that reads and displays Internet newsfeeds aka ATOM and RSS feeds based on XML.

Cyclic Redundancy Code (CRC) FileCheck
Cyclic Redundancy Code FileCheck is a handy utility to verify a copy of a file, directory or even a volume (within acceptable probabilities). Full/Free Delphi source code included.

XanaNews Newsreader
XanaNews is a free, powerful, fully featured newsreader for Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Full / Free Delphi source included.

Inno Setup
"Inno Setup" is a free installer for Windows programs. Download full Delphi source code.

XN Resource Editor
XN Resource Editor is a free, powerful, fully featured resource editor and PE module explorer for Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Full / Free Delphi source included.

CD Control (with full Delphi source)
A simple Windows Tray application to enable a user to open and close the CD drive using a custom Windows hot-key combination. Full Delphi source included. The source is heavily documented to help newbies better understand how each line of code works.

Folder Size (with full Delphi source)
Folder SIZE displays a tree view of subfolders within a folder, number of subfolders (with a Pie Chart of the subfolder disk space usage), subfolder sizes, and the total size of all folder contents. Multithreading makes Folder SIZE super fast.

Access / SQL Server Database Explorer with full Delphi source code
The ADPDBExplorer (About Delphi Programming Database Explorer) application allows you to connect to a Microsoft Access (MDB) database and/or SQL Server / MSDE database to explore a database structure, insert, edit or delete data.

Open Source Delphi Projects: Delphree
Let's see what's free, open and ready for participation, out there in the Delphi code world.

Free documentation tool for Delphi, with JavaDoc support.

Free Applications Area
Free applications (full source included) submitted by the visitors of the Delphi Programming site.

Network Traffic Monitor
A free network (Internet / intranet) traffic (download / upload) monitor. Network traffic monitor allows you to quickly and easily examine the network usage of the local computer. Full Delphi source code included.

ScreenThief - stealing screen shots over the Network
A free network screen shot grabber application, with source code. Learn how to send / receive raw (binary) data (screen shot JPG images) using TCP connections. ScreenThief is a network application designed to "steal" screen shot images from client computers and display them in one central location (server application).

Backup Machine
A free data backup application, with source code. Backup Machine provides the easiest way to backup your critical folders and files - supporting conventional or UNC file names, allowing access to local and network directories.

Create a Windows Start-Up Manager
How to build a program (using Delphi) that allows a user to control which applications will run when Windows starts up. Full source code (heavily documented) included.

Your first MP3 Delphi player
See how to build a full-blown mp3 player with Delphi in just a few seconds. Even more: get the ID3 tag information from a mp3 file and change it!

Zoom in portion of your desktop screen, like a loupe.

A Resource Monitor for Delphi
"In this article, we'll design and implement a simple resource monitor that will be able to assist us in watching resource and memory leaks."

Creating a text editor
[ftp] This tutorial takes you through the creation of a text editor complete with menus, a toolbar, and a status bar.

IE & Delphi Resource Tool
Using IE & Delphi Resource Tool you can store webpages (including images, cascading stylesheets etc.) inside your application exe-file or in a separate DLL-file. Full (free) source code, of course.

TCP port scanner
Small and fast (nonVCL) TCP port scanner. Can use up to 256 (hardcoded) threads at once to scan the ports on an IP. Saving the result as well as changing number of threads and minimizing to tray have been implemented.

Regular Expression Test Tool
PCRE Workbench is a regular expression test application that eases the process of designing regular expressions. Using PCRE Workbench you can write a Perl-style regex, set the appropriate compilation and execution flags and then interactively test the compiled regex against a line of text.

Create Your Labyrinths
Maze is a very simple Delphi application designed to help you create mazes of almost any size. You an customize the way the maze is displayed and you can set entry and exit points for the maze with the click of a mouse button.

Vigenere Cipher
The idea behind the Vigenere cipher, like all polyalphabetic ciphers, is to disguise plaintext letter frequencies, which interferes with a straightforward application of frequency analysis. However, using the Vigenere cipher, E can be enciphered as different ciphertext letters at different points in the message, thus defeating simple frequency analysis. Delphi implementation.

A Mandelbrot and Julia Set Implementation
Mandel is a simple educational program that computes the Mandelbrot set and its related Julia sets. Full Delphi source code included.

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