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Reading and Manipulating XML files (RSS feeds) with Delphi


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Blog? Syndication?
Reading and Manipulating XML files (RSS feeds) with Delphi
Depending upon who you talk to, a blog is a personal Web diary, a collection of short, dated discussions with commentary, or a way of publishing news and information. Well, the About Delphi Programming Home page acts as a blog.

The Stay Up-To-Date page hosts the link to the the XML file that can be used for Really Simple Syndication (RSS).

About Delphi Programming Blog Feed

The *Current Headlines* page provides a way for you to, for example, get the latest headlines delivered directly to your Delphi IDE.

Now about parsing the XML file that lists the latest additions to this site.

Here are the basics of the About Delphi Programming RSS:

  1. It is XML. This means it must be well-formed, include a prolog and DTD, and all elements must be closed.
  2. The first element in the document is the <rss> element. This includes a mandatory version attribute.
  3. The next element is the <channel> element. This is the main container for all RSS data.
  4. The <title> element is the title, either of the entire site (if it's at the top) or of the current item (if it's within an <item>).
  5. The <link> element indicates the URL of the Web page that corresponds to the RSS feed, or if it's within an <item>, the URL to that item.
  6. The <description> element describes the RSS feed or the item.
  7. The <item> element is the meat of the feed. These are all the headlines (<title>), URL (<link>) and description (<description>) that will be in your feed.
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