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TTreeView - Delphi Usage Examples, Tips and Tricks

Delphi's tree view control, TTreeView, displays items in an indented outline - a hierarchical view of items. You can include icons with items' text labels and display different icons to indicate whether a node is expanded or collapsed. Learn how to use the tree view control in Delphi programs.

Virtual Tree View - How To Install - Delphi 3rd Party Open Source Component
The Virtual TreeView, initially being developed by Mike Lischke and now being maintained as an open source project on Google Code is a must-use control if you are up to working with whatever you could call "nodes".

Store More (Custom) Data Into The Tree Node Of A Tree View
The TTreeView Delphi component displays a hierarchical list of items - tree nodes. A node is presented by node text and an optional image. In real-world applications your tree nodes would need to carry more info: some more properties or even an entire custom object. How to?

Display Custom TTreeView Item Hints
In complex tree views, you might want to display customized tooltip (hint) for each tree node.

Disable Automatic Hint Feature for the TTreeView
Even if the ShowHint property is false, when the mouse is over a tree item (TTreeNode), a tooltip will be displayed containing the title of the item under the mouse cursor, if the entire title is not currently visible. Sometimes, you might want to disable such tree view behavior.

Displaying XML (RSS Feed) Data in a TreeView
To create a simple "RSS Feed Tree-View" reader, start by dropping a TTreeView control on a Delphi form. You'll aslo need the TXMLDocument and a few labels.

Display "Bold" Items in the TTreeView
If you only want to apply *bold* to some tree items (their Captions), you can use a "special" (defined in the CommCtrl.pas unit) TreeView API.

Exporting a TreeView to XML. Populating a TreeView from XML
The TTreeView Delphi component represents a window that displays a hierarchical list of items. Each item (tree node) consists of a label and an optional bitmapped image (two to be precise). XML gives developers the power to deliver structured data. Export tree view to XML.

TreeView with check boxes and radio buttons
Here's how to add check boxes and radio buttons to a TTreeView Delphi component. Give your applications a more professional and smoother look.

Drag and Drop Nodes of a TreeView
The code uses GetNodeAt to add a dragged node as a child of the node under then mouse when it is dropped...

Database Table to TreeView
How to display a dataset of records from a table/query in a treeview component.

Get TreeView Node By Text
How to locate (search and select) a TreeView node given by node text.

TreeView Items - Dynamic Context (Popup) Menus
In complex tree views, you might want to display customized - dynamic context menu for each tree node.

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