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Developing Web Services with Delphi

Learn about building applications that can be published, located, and invoked across the Internet.

*What's New and Hot* as a Web Service!
About Delphi Programming has developed a Web Service to bring you the news and hot topics in Delphi Programming. The Service is listed on xmethods.com

Building Web Services using Delphi
Check out the "Tutorials" link for some really neat tutorials on SOAP, ISAPI, and related Web technologies.

Building a Web Service in Delphi with a DB2 Backend
A practical Web service example built with Delphi and a test client that serves up data from an IBM® DB2® Universal Database™ backend.

Consuming C# Web Services with Delphi
In this article, you'll learn how web services written in C# can be consumed and used by Borland's Delphi Professional (on Windows) or even Kylix Professional (on Linux).

Debugging SOAP Data
See your SOAP packet data go back and forth. Two approaches to how you can take a deeper look.

Introduction to SOAP
This paper gives you an introduction to SOAP, the protocol, the stuff "behind the curtain" etc. Applies to SOAP in general, not to any tool or toolkit.

Searching Google using Delphi and Web Services
The article examines the Google Search Web Service, and show how we can use (consume) it with Delphi.

Web Services Made Simple in Delphi, Parts I and II
How do we access a web service from Delphi? How do we use SOAP components in Delphi? How can we write a Web Services Server in Delphi?

The Web Services community portal. Not Delphi centric, but a must visit if you plan on understanding the idea behind web services.

Another site dedicated to providing the set of internet links related to Web Services.

This site is a "virtual laboratory" for developers, listing publicly available web services and showcasing new ways this technology can be applied.

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