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Custom shaped forms, a funny way to distinguish yourself from the others! Plus: custom shaped buttons and various form enhancements.

   Rectangles, rectangles...
Boring rectangles. Wherever you look you see rectangles. Windows, buttons, forms all rectangles over and over again. I want to have oval form, or maybe triangular, or elliptical. In fact, I want to have forms shaped in any way I want!
If you have ever caught yourself in thinking the same way, go on and read about designing custom shaped forms with Delphi. Precisely: read about custom shaped forms, buttons, and various form enhancements...

Weird Delphi...

Just to be more familiar with the problem (and the solution)...

  • Non-rectangular shapes - Part I.
  • Non-rectangular shapes - Part II.
  • Creating Transparent Windows
  • How to create a irregular window from a region.
  • Making a transparent form (tip 18).
  • Transparent Delphi App (article shows how to create a window with arbitrary parts "cut out".)

  • Creating Forms with Custom Title/Caption Bars. Part1 Part2 Part3
  • Custom Shaped Buttons in Delphi.
  • Putting a Button on the Caption Bar of a Form.

    Here you can find Delphi components designed to enhance the look and functionality of your forms.

  • Organic Shape Glass Pack the skinable and transparent components for Delphi.
  • CoolForm is a component for Delphi that easily lets you create the weirdest shapes of your windows. Round windows, Windows with transparent areas, and still the full functionality of the Windows95 GUI (but who would want that, anyway).
  • Gabe's Odd Form Assistant
    Free tool which helps you make just any shape on your form as you can draw in a graphical tool.

    If you are developing similar Delphi component(s) and want to share them with others please mail me.

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